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Hello! Please email your photos of furniture and other misc. items to or bring them in on a I pad or large pad. We will look and respond accordingly in the order we receive them. Items must be smoke-free, pet-free and damage free.

We are a 50/50 split.   
Items can remain 120 days, the items reduce by 25%. monthly
We always set the price under our showroom lighting.    If you want a buy out.. Please know the price will be lower as we are gambling and would rather consign.    That also means we would not necessarily buy the contents, but what we actually  want. xoxoxo     
We have the right to donate any item upon arrival if previous  description was not the same as the real deal. (has undisclosed damages).(or a smell that we cannot deal with for the safety of crew and customers.) The guys are rushing to save you $ and might not notice when they pick up .. It is up to you to really do some detective work well!! in advance.  

A Summer Place Consignments charges  a fair price  for all LOCAL pickups./ deliveries The price increases for distance & stairs.

 You may not take back ANY items until contract ends. If you persist, THERE WILL BE A 25 %  FEE for each item picked up!.

 We urge you to stay in touch after the 15th of each month, as we don’t call.   Its worth if for you to stay in touch on your own.

We are still mailing checks over $25 and jewelry checks for any amount.

Checks are mailed the first 15 days of every month. kindly wait till then to call about your items.

Call us for pickup service 561-392-0336    954-426-6106     See photo's on Facebook you might like to purchase as well 

                                                                              A Summer Place Consignments

Ask About Shipping in and outside of  Florida     Nationwide and Countries worldwide...... There are reputable  companies we can recommend  

♥ Thanks kindly Deb and Mike ........ A Summer Place Consignments   find us on Facebook.